Congratulations to all participants at Bonanza 2018!


New EPDs Now Available! 

These EPDs are calculated using a new system of analysis called “BOLT” Single Step technology, which along with the best calculations possible, greatly enhances the time it takes to complete an EPD run, better incorporates genomic data and will calculate real accuracies! These changes keep us in line with the changes that are taking place at the AHA, and reap the benefits of a system sought by all of the large breed associations in US and Canada.  
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Details on new programming to launch in 2018.




The Keith Gilmore Foundation (KGF) Scholarship program awards up to $34,000 in scholarships each year to benefit young people and the agriculture industry. Three categories of scholarships are available to eligible students. Continue Reading...

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Now Available For Purebred & Commercial Breeders HEREFORD BRANDED CCIA TAGS
$78 / 25 tags
To order dial toll-free 1-877-909-2333 to set up an account with CCIA!
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