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January 2016 Performance Edition

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NEW EPDs have been released!
We are pleased to announce that the new Fall 2016 EPDs have been released and are now available on the Animal Inquiry pages of the website. For new EPD averages, please see the Performance section of our website Performance Program and for more details, see the Tools & Trends Fall 2016 document.

Inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference
August 9 – 11, 2016
Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, Calgary, AB
All beef industry stakeholders share a common goal of taking steps to enhance the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the various sectors within the industry. Supporting the National Beef Strategy, the conference provides a forum for industry engagement and learning opportunities across the beef supply chain.
Registration is now open Click here for details.

The Spring 2016 Sire Summary is now Online Click Here to View.

Fee Changes for 2016
Following the December 2015 CHA Board of Directors Meeting there will be two fee changes, as follows:
Embryo Calf DNA Testing: The $15 subsidy for these ET calves has been removed, meaning that ET calves will be DNA tested at the regular rate of $40/parentage and abnormality test.
THE Fees: After over 10 years without any increases, the THE fees for 2016 enrolment will be $6/cow. In 2016 the CHA will be running 6 EPD evaluations to provide newly calculated EPDs for breeders to market cattle. Running 6 EPD runs per year will also provide much quicker turn around on getting GE-EPDs on cattle if you are using genomics evaluations in your program. The increase in cost to the THE enrolment fee offsets the increase in cost for the additional evaluations in 2016.
Five-Generation Pedigree: Access to 5 Generation Pedigrees will be free of charge going forward through your online log-in account. (If you don’t already have a password, contact If a breeder requests that the CHA print and mail out a five-generation pedigree the cost will remain $10.00.

These changes will be reflected on the new 2016 Fee Schedule effective January 1, 2016

NEW for 2016 – EPDS will be calculated 6 times per year!

Beginning in 2016, all new Semen Certificate and Non-Semen Certificate AI Permitted sires will be required to have a High Density DNA test done.

Similarly, all Donor Dams and In-Herd AI Permitted sires will be required to have a Low Density DNA test done.

These tests will identify the genomics of those animals more prolific in the population to keep the development of our genomic evaluation as accurate as possible.
To help cover the expense of these tests, the CHA has secured funding so that we can offer the Low Density tests for the same cost as the regular parentage and abnormalities - for a limited time. Therefore Donor Dams & In-Herd AI Permitted bulls will be tested at the regular $40 fee. In the event that funding runs out, the cost will revert to the regular $75.

To get in on the reduced rate, please indicate the reason for the test when requesting DNA applications for animals with Donor Dam and AI Sire Permit intentions.

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Canada Beef Spring 2016 Sire Summary is now online and available here

Spring 2016 EPDs are now online, averages, tools and trends can be found here

The Confirmed Genetic Abnormality Carriers Lists are now online, click here for more information and to view the lists

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