New EPDs Now Available! December 11, 2017

These EPDs are calculated using a new system of analysis called “BOLT” Single Step technology, which along with the best calculations possible, greatly enhances the time it takes to complete an EPD run, better incorporates genomic data and will calculate real accuracies! These changes keep us in line with the changes that are taking place at the AHA, and reap the benefits of a system sought by all of the large breed associations in US and Canada.
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The SA Hereford Breeders Society celebrates its 100th Anniversary
Tour September 4-15 2017

The SA Hereford Breeders Society celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2017 and will reflect on 100 years of playing a major role in the development of the SA Beef Industry.
SA Hereford will be your hosts for the Hereford Centenary Celebration Tour and Swartland agricultural showcase including the visits through our beautiful country.
Swartland Show is one of the largest Agricultural shows in Western and Southern Cape with a visitor number of 10,000 plus.
SWARTLAND SHOW is a benchmark agricultural show and showcase a comprehensive range of products to meet all the needs of a farming operation. Livestock producers and breeders, Agribusinesses and input suppliers, Producers Members of producers' organisations.

How to register?
To participate in the tour programme and assistance with registration below contact Teresa Labuschagne email: Also visit our websites at:

Deadlines: Final application to participate in the organised tour: 25 May 2017 CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

T Bar Invitational 10th Anniversary- June 19 & 20, 2017
In the past nine years, the T Bar Invitational has raised over $400,000.00 for youth in agriculture, donating over $90,000 to the CJHA. The final round of the T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament will take place June 19th and 20th, 2017 in Saskatoon, SK. The CJHA would like to extend an invitation to all golfers, CHA and CJHA members to the 10th Annual T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament to support all youth in agriculture and to show our appreciation for such a great program. Visit their website,, for sponsorship and entry forms. The CJHA National Council would like to thank the T Bar Invitational committee for all their work and dedication to all juniors across Canada. We truly cannot thank you enough!
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A Note From the Executive Director
I'm writing this note to quell all the rumors about the "breed purity" of a popular AI Sire.

Over the past few weeks there has been many rumors swirling around the breed make-up of a popular AI sire. Firstly, and most importantly, through correspondence with the CEO of Herefords Australia, we have received notification that this claim posted to an online web-chat was a fabrication.

Our role is to maintain the validity of the registry and the pedigrees held within it to the highest standard using gold-standard technologies. Currently, our gold-standard is parentage validation. In the future, new technologies that increase the ability of the registry to validate pedigrees may become useful, reliable tools, however currently these tools are not accurate enough to make definitive decisions from the results.

The technology that is referenced in this online post supposedly measures "breed purity". However, this technology is new and the result of the test is highly dependent on the group of animals that are being used as a "reference population". In actuality, the test measures "relatedness" to the reference population, not "breed purity". If a subject animal is compared to a reference population that does not truly represent its lineage, the result may be both inaccurate and misleading.

Currently, the CHA uses parentage as the gold-standard and stands behind the validity of the animals that have qualified to enter the Canadian Hereford Association registry.

Stephen Scott
Executive Director
Canadian Hereford Association

You are invited to join us at the 2017 UCVM Beef Cattle Conference.
This 2-day event will address raising healthy beef cattle in a changing world. This year, the focus will be on highlighting the challenges and solutions of managing cattle without the use of antibiotics.
June 22nd - Clinical Skills Building (7:30am - 12:30pm) Pre Conference Workshops
June 22nd - Deerfoot Inn & Casino (1:00pm - 7:00pm)
June 23rd - Deerfoot Inn & Casino ( 7:30am - 3:20pm)

CLICK HERE for registration rates and information

The Keith Gilmore Foundation (KGF) Scholarship program awards up to $34,000 in scholarships each year to benefit young people and the agriculture industry. Three categories of scholarships are available to eligible students. The Keith Gilmore Prize for Beef Innovation is a unique scholarship open to any student who is pursuing advanced or post-graduate studies, in any field that will advance the development and value of the beef and cattle industry. The Hereford Youth Scholarship is available to returning students who are connected to the Hereford breed, either purebred or commercial. The Future of the Breed scholarship is available to current CJHA members pursuing their first year in any post secondary education program.
The success of the KGF scholarships program depends upon the generosity and support of Hereford Breeders in Canada. The major fundraising event takes place at Bonanza each year, where pick of heifers, embryos and travel experiences are sold by live auction during the banquet. All prizes are donated by Hereford Breeders and Supporters. Special sales are held throughout the year across Canada to further contribute to the KGF programs. Individuals also make significant contributions to the KGF in support of youth, education and research. In particular, it is a great honour when the KGF is named as a charity of choice in memory of a loved one.

April 2017 - Jacob Onyschuk hired as Director of Business Development
Jacob Onyschuk comes to the Canadian Hereford Association with a wealth of experience in the livestock and beef industry. Having spent the last four years working for Northlands, Jacob was an integral part of the agriculture team helping significantly grow purebred cattle entries at Farmfair International.
Jacob graduated from the University of Alberta in 2013, with a BSc in Agriculture and a major in Animal Science. Prior to graduation, Jacob was an active member of 4-H Alberta and was named the Premiers Award recipient in 2012. After his 4-H career, Jacob continued to expand his cattle herd. He continues to farm today raising commercial cattle in Westlock County.
"I am very excited about the opportunity to work with the Canadian Hereford Association. As one of the longest standing purebred breed in Canada I look forward to playing a part in continuing the legacy. I look forward to meeting all the breeders, commercial cattle women and men that are proud to raise Hereford cattle. As the Director of Business Development, I will work hard to promote the breed and support our membership in their marketing initiatives."
Please join me in welcoming Jacob to the Hereford team.

March 2017 - Getting the genetics right The Doerksens of Gemstone Cattle Co.
By Richelle Wiseman
On 1,500 acres in eastern Alberta, Arno, Tim and Daniel Doerksen are hard at work getting ready for their Gemstone Cattle Company's second annual bull and female sale in Brooks, Alta. in December. The sale will include purebred Hereford and Angus bulls as well as Hereford, Angus and Hereford-Angus-cross commercial heifers.

The Doerksen family has been farming and raising Hereford cattle on this farm for almost a century and while the present generation is now focused on the future of Gemstone Cattle Company, it owes a lot to its past....
Continue reading at

March 2017 - 2016 Woman of Excellence in Agriculture Award
Congratulations Mary Elmhirst for winning the Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario (FWIO) Woman of Excellence in Agriculture Award!
Since 1996, the FWIO have recognized the significant contributions made by women in agriculture at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair by presenting them with the prestigious Woman of Excellence in Agriculture Award.

November 2016 - Bonanza 2016 "Burning the Hereford Brand" and CHA AGM
Thanks to all of those that were involved in organizing and implementing another great Bonanza Junior Hereford competition. In all 149 Junior members from Canada, USA and Mexico took part in this year's festivities. Over the week the Juniors showed 235 head of cattle from all across Canada.

During the open show Judge Garth Cutler chose the cow calf pair of RVP 51X ABLAZE 7A with calf at side HARVIE RSK MS AUTUM 32D as the Grand Champion female, exhibited by Jacey Massey. Reserve Champion female was awarded to NEXT GEN RIESLING 295 ET exhibited by Morgan MacIntyre. Grand Champion Bull was awarded to XLP KPH LCHP TRIBUTE ET 707B exhibited by Lexi O'Connor and Reserve Champion bull was awarded to TRIPLE A 47R DINO ET 112D exhibited by Luke Andrews.

During the CHA Board meetings elections took place for President, Vice President and Pedigree Committee Chairman. Dr. Doug Mann (SK) was elected President, Albert Rimke (MB) was elected into office as the Vice President and Nels Nixdorff (AB) was re-elected as Pedigree Committee Chairman. These changes to the CHA Board Executive will take effect on Jan 1st 2017.

At the CJHA National Council meeting Samantha Rimke was elected as the new CJHA President, Morgan Heidecker was elected as the new Vice President, Jade Ouellet was elected as Secretary and Allison Mastine was re-elected to the role of CJHA Communications. Many thanks to our dedicated group of CJHA Council Members who work very hard to continue the legacy of the CJHA's national programing.

During the Bonanza Banquet the Keith Gilmore Foundation (KGF) awarded over $30,000 in scholarships to CJHA members and young leaders in the beef industry. With the help of Auctioneer Bob Baylog, Baylog Auction Services, the auction raised over $23,000 to help fund future scholarships from the KGF. A special thanks to Blair-Athol Herefords, Remitall-West Polled Herefords, Braun Ranching, Harvie Ranching, YV Ranch, and Livestock Media Plus for your sponsorship and donations that made this auction possible.

We welcome everyone to Bonanza 2017 to be held in Abbotsford, BC July 17-21 2017 - come be a part of the legacy!

August 2016 - NEW EPDs have been released!
We are pleased to announce that the new Fall 2016 EPDs have been released and are now available on the Animal Inquiry pages of the website. For new EPD averages, please see the Performance section of our website Performance Program and for more details, see the Tools & Trends Fall 2016 document.

August 2016 - Canadian Hereford Association Annual General Meeting will be Broadcast Live!
The AGM will be broadcasted live on Friday August 12 at 7 PM MDT with Livestock Media +. Click Here for the event. For any questions on how to use the site click here or contact Livestock Media +.

August 2016 - Inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference
August 9 - 11, 2016
Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, Calgary, AB
All beef industry stakeholders share a common goal of taking steps to enhance the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the various sectors within the industry. Supporting the National Beef Strategy, the conference provides a forum for industry engagement and learning opportunities across the beef supply chain.
Registration is now open Click here for details.

August 2016 - The Spring 2016 Sire Summary is now Online Click Here to View.

Fee Changes for 2016
Following the December 2015 CHA Board of Directors Meeting there will be two fee changes, as follows:
Embryo Calf DNA Testing: The $15 subsidy for these ET calves has been removed, meaning that ET calves will be DNA tested at the regular rate of $40/parentage and abnormality test.
THE Fees: After over 10 years without any increases, the THE fees for 2016 enrolment will be $6/cow. In 2016 the CHA will be running 6 EPD evaluations to provide newly calculated EPDs for breeders to market cattle. Running 6 EPD runs per year will also provide much quicker turn around on getting GE-EPDs on cattle if you are using genomics evaluations in your program. The increase in cost to the THE enrolment fee offsets the increase in cost for the additional evaluations in 2016.
Five-Generation Pedigree: Access to 5 Generation Pedigrees will be free of charge going forward through your online log-in account. (If you don't already have a password, contact If a breeder requests that the CHA print and mail out a five-generation pedigree the cost will remain $10.00.

These changes will be reflected on the new 2016 Fee Schedule effective January 1, 2016

NEW for 2016 – EPDS will be calculated 6 times per year!

Beginning in 2016, all new Semen Certificate and Non-Semen Certificate AI Permitted sires will be required to have a High Density DNA test done.

Similarly, all Donor Dams and In-Herd AI Permitted sires will be required to have a Low Density DNA test done.

These tests will identify the genomics of those animals more prolific in the population to keep the development of our genomic evaluation as accurate as possible.
To help cover the expense of these tests, the CHA has secured funding so that we can offer the Low Density tests for the same cost as the regular parentage and abnormalities - for a limited time. Therefore Donor Dams & In-Herd AI Permitted bulls will be tested at the regular $40 fee. In the event that funding runs out, the cost will revert to the regular $75.

To get in on the reduced rate, please indicate the reason for the test when requesting DNA applications for animals with Donor Dam and AI Sire Permit intentions.

April 4/16 - Advancing Women Conference 2016
"Advancing Women is created for every woman who wants to achieve success in her career, family, community, financial independence and relationships in and outside the workplace. Whether you are in a career path with an organization, starting your own business, looking for your dream job or wanting to hone your overall life skills, this conference is for you. AWC is a one of a kind event. Register today. Be inspired for tomorrow. "
Advancing Women Conference WEST:
March 28 & 29, 2016, Hyatt Regency, Calgary, Alberta
Advancing Women Conference EAST:
October 3 & 4, 2016, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

In 2015 two conferences were held due to demand and interest:
Calgary 2015: over 600 delegates representing over 257 organizations from across Canada and US
Toronto 2015: over 460 delegates representing 230 organizations from 9 provinces and 4 US states

Why be involved?

  • Continue to join us and demonstrate your commitment to recruiting, retaining and advancing Women in Agribusiness.
  • Continue to promote your organization and brand as an innovative thought leaders by supporting this initiative and women in all sectors in agriculture.
  • Continue to realize the return on your investment by generating leads, creating new contacts and attracting future colleagues.

  • Women in Ag conference is now registered with the Farm Business Development Initiative in Saskatchewan. This means we are recognised as a training/educational program, and that Saskatchewan farm women may be eligible for a reimbursement of up to 75% of the AWC registration fee by contacting FBDI at 306-946-3214. For more information please visit
    Click here to for more details.

    February 3/16 - NEW EPDs have been released!
    We are pleased to announce that the new Spring 2016 EPDs have been released and are now available on the Animal Inquiry pages of the website. For new EPD averages, please see the Performance section of our website Performance Program and for more details, see the Tools & Trends Spring 2016 document.

    January 8/15 - The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum introduces their new bull, Hercules
    For pictures and the CBC Ottawa interview click here.

    January 8/15 -Beef Cattle Learning Award
    This award has beenorganized in memory of Buddy Leachman of Big Gully Farm to recognize and reward young people who invoke the values, character and strength's he possessed. Two awards in the amount of $1500 will be awarded annually to one young man and one young woman. This award will recognize promising youth who may not favor school or post-secondary education, yet have a strong affinity for beef cattle education and the advancement of their skills related to a future in that professional field.
    Click Here for application guidelines and more details.
    Submission of applications close November 30, 2015.

    November 19/15 - November 2 is the deadline for submitting weights to be included in the Spring 2016 PACE EPD run.
    Please have your yearling, birth and any other missed performance data into the office by this date. All yearlings must be identified in groups when reporting weights. (Animals under the same management system use the same group #) . Genetic evaluations rely on accurate well defined management groups. Please also pay special attention to your Compliance Reports to be included in the All-Star program! If you require a password to submit data online please contact Val at the office.

    November 2/15 - Highlights from the 36th Annual CJHA Bonanza and from the CHA Annual General Meeting
    The 36th Annual Canadian Junior Hereford Association Bonanza was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, July 28th to August 1st, at the Fredericton Exhibition Grounds. Organizers of Bonanza 2015 included Victor and Nova Dawn Oulton, Dale and Lisa Black and several CHA and CJHA members and volunteers. The organizers put together a fantastic show with its own Maritime flair, including a traditional lobster supper, courtesy of AXA Polled Herefords.
    The theme - "Living the Hereford Dream" - captures the experience of attending Bonanza as a junior, making lasting memories and creating opportunities for juniors to establish their own Hereford dreams. This year's Bonanza featured 110 head of cattle and 86 juniors who demonstrated that the future of the breed is in capable hands.
    We look forward to Bonanza 2016, which will be held in Olds, Alberta August 9th to 13th, 2016 at the Olds Exhibition Grounds.

    The CJHA held their executive elections and we welcome Cassandra Gorril, from ON, who was elected 2015/2016 President, Wyatt Olton from NS, Vice President, re-elected Samatha Rimke from MB, Secretary, and Allison Mastine of PQ, Communications Coordinator.
    We extend thank you and appreciation for their time and dedication to the CJHA 2014/2015 outgoing executive council Larrisa Lupul of Alberta, President, Allison Mastine of PQ, Vice President and Heather Fisher-LeBlanc of BC.

    In conjunction with Bonanza, the Canadian Hereford Association hosted its Annual Meeting on Friday, July 31. The CHA Board of Directors held elections for the executive and Re-Elected Daryl Kirton as President from Abbotsford, BC and Re-Elected Doug Mann as Vice President from Swift Current, SK. Starting January 1, 2016, Nels Nixdorff, Airdrie, AB, will hold the position of Chairman of the Pedigree Committee when Andy Schuepbach of Claresholm, AB will step down from the CHA Board of Directors.
    The CHA board also welcomes, Leon Silk of Grafton, ON who replaces the late Burt Grundy, Blaine Brost of Irvine, AB who replaced Doug Finseth of Okotoks, AB and Phillip Thorne of Glenvale, NB who replaces Andy Carter of Amherst, NS. Thank you to Doug and Andy for your time and dedication to the CHA board and membership.

    November 2/15 - KGF Heifer Fundraising Auction Results and Thank You
    The Keith Gilmore Foundation (KGF) held a very successful fundraiser auction during the banquet at the closing ceremonies of the 2015 CJHA Bonanza. On auction was a heifer calf, OLTN 90X COVER GIRL 8C, donated by Victor and Novadawn Oulton of Outon's Farm, Nova Scotia and two lots of embryo's, REMITALL NADINE 3S x NJW FHF 9710 TANK 45P, donated by Allan Marshall, AXA Farms of New Brunswick. The heifer calf brought in $5,000 and sold to Jeff and Debbie Paul of British Columbia. The embryo lots both sold for $900 to NCX Polled Herefords of Alberta and Peter Bekker of Nova Scotia. Money raised will support the Hereford Youth Fund which any current or past member of CJHA or student having a connection to the Hereford breed demonstrated through a letter of recommendation from an active member of the Canadian Hereford Association, and be registered for ongoing studies in an undergraduate program at a college or university (entering into the second, third or fourth year at the time of receiving the award) in any program leading to a career in the livestock industry. Thank you to all participated, your support is greatly appreciated.

    August 2015 - 2016 Western National Hereford Show to be held at the Manitoba Livestock Expo
    The request by the Manitoba Hereford Association to host the 2016 Western National Hereford Show at the Manitoba Livestock Expo in October was accepted by the CHA Board of Directors at their board meetings held during the CHA convention.
    The Alberta Hereford Association will host the 2015 Western National Hereford Show at Farmfair International in November and the Western National will return to Farmfair in 2017.

    August 2015 - Bonanza 2015 Results are online
    Visit the Junior page to view.

    August 12/15 - The Canadian Hereford Association is pleased to announce that Elizabeth (Libby) Laycraft has joined the CHA staff as the new Youth Programs and Foundation Manager for the Canadian Junior Hereford Association (CJHA) and the Keith Gilmore Foundation (KGF). Libby has worked as a consultant to the industry since 2006, when she left the Canadian Angus Association as their Breed Development Coordinator, to spend more time with her young family. Laycraft, has worked with the CHA in previous years, most recently as project coordinator of the RFI research project. Libby will provide administrative support to the CJHA throughout the year, and be involved in the planning and organization of Bonanza. Libby will also be working with the KGF Trustees to raise awareness of the KGF scholarships and develop new fundraising initiatives, directing our outreach to industry, academia, students and alumni. Welcome Libby!

    *NEW* Fall 2015 EPDs have been released!
    We are pleased to announce that the new Fall 2015 EPDs have been released and are now available on the Animal Inquiry pages of the website. For new EPD averages, please see the Performance section of our website Performance Program and for more details, see the Tools & Trends Fall 2015 document at

    Friday July 3 is the Ad Booking Deadline for the 2015 August Herd Reference Edition
    Contact Brad or Samara at the office for details.

    Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) Scholarhip Call for Applications
    In conjunction with the Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth (RASC), Northlands is pleased to be able to offer a scholarship for $2,000 CDN for Next Gen delegates to travel to the RASC 5th NG Understanding & Assistance Mission to Papua New Guinea from October 16-30, 2015. Please refer to the attached document with the complete itinerary and costs.
    Note: Total cost for participation on the 14-day mission is approximately $6,000 CDN.
    -Must be between 18-39 years old
    -Must have valid Canadian Passport , not expiring for a minimum of 6 months past the time of travel
    -Be an active agriculture partner at Northlands ie Volunteer, Exhibitor etc
    -Required to report back to Northlands post conference and prepare a brief PowerPoint Presentation to be used in the International AgBusiness Centre during Farmfair International 2015 (November 11-15, 2015)
    Click Here for Application:
    Please complete the attached application and email to by July 10, 2015.
    The successful scholarship candidate will be contacted the week of July 13, 2015.
    Please do not to hesitate to contact Stacy at or 780-222-4990, if you have any questions.

    The Keith Gilmore Foundation Heifer & Embryo Fundraising Auction
    Lots Donated by Oulton's Farm and AXA Farms
    Click Here for Details!

    Bonanza 2015 Schedule!
    Click Here to Download.

    June 18/15 - New Job Opportunities with the Canadian Hereford Association:
    Youth Programs and Foundation Manager Purpose of Position: To manage and play a leadership role with the activities of the Canadian Junior Hereford Association (CJHA) and Bonanza. Organize and implement fundraising and scholarships distribution for the Keith Gilmore Foundation.
    Scope of the Position: Responsible for managing and implementing programs under the CJHA and KGF. This is a part-time position that does not require the manager to be located in the Canadian Hereford Association's Calgary office.
    Visit for more details.

    *EXTENSION* Tuesday, June 2nd is the deadline for submitting weights to be included in the Fall 2015 PACE EPD run. Please have your yearling, birth and any other missed performance data into the office by this date. All yearlings must be identified in groups when reporting weights. (Animals under the same management system use the same group #) . Genetic evaluations rely on accurate well defined management groups. Please also pay special attention to your Compliance Reports to be included in the All-Star program! Online submission deadline is June 10 - if you require a password please contact Val at the office.

    2015 UCVM Beef Cattle Conference
    Pushing the Frontiers of Beef Cattle Health
    June 17: Pre-conference workshops
    University of Calgary Spyhill Campus
    June 18-19: Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary, AB
    Themes for this year: Prudent drug use; applied animal welfare; and hot topics in cattle health.
    For details and registration, visit: or contact us at: 403-210-7309 /
    Click Here for Registration Package - Early registration Ends May 15

    June 3/15 - The Canadian Hereford Association is pleased to announce that Karen Schiml has joined the CHA staff as the new Programs and Media Coordinator.
    Karen was raised on a straight bred Hereford commercial cattle ranch in Southern Saskatchewan where she was a member of both the CJHA and 4H beef club. She received her B.S.A. in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan.
    She spent the last several years in the feed industry in a variety of positions, most recently in a regulatory and nutrition role for a small premix manufacturer. With a strong technical background, she collaborated with industry experts to provide nutrition and management solutions to producers.
    As Programs and Media Coordinator for the Canadian Hereford Association, Karen is excited to meet and work with CHA members. She will be supporting the HBI and Show Committees, working with research projects and assisting with design for the Digest. Welcome Karen!

    New Article from the Canadian Cattlemen
    Ryegrass Works for Winter Grazing Cows
    The only drawback is some extra birth weight on the calves
    by Heather Smith Thomas - Featured in the April 2015 Special Forage Issue.
    "Andy Schuepbach, a registered Hereford breeder in southern Alberta, uses two varieties of ryegrass to provide fall and winter feed for his cattle. The high protein content of these grasses eliminates the need for any other protein source..." Continue Reading

    April 15/15 - Cayley Brown Wins "Hereford Miss World" with CB 122L Lady B 222Z.
    For all the details click here.

    New Job Opportunities with the Canadian Hereford Association:
    Programs & Media Coordinator
    The Programs and Media Coordinator is a diverse, engaging role. This position will be responsible for a portion of the Hereford Associations graphic design needs, they will oversee the organization and implementation of projects that fall under Breed Improvement, Mark of Excellence Shows and Marketing. This role will also be actively involved with a team maintaining the breed registry and assisting with the performance recording program. This job will be based out of The Canadian Hereford Association's head office in Calgary AB. Some occasional travel may be required. Visit for more details.

    The Spring 2015 Sire Summary is now online Click Here to View.

    LISTEN, LEARN, NETWORK AND GROW! Register today to attend one of the largest gatherings of women in agriculture in Canada.
    This one and half day conference profiles women leaders who are passionate about personal growth. Invest in yourself to develop the skills to reach your goals.
    Visit our website at today for further details, to view the full list of speakers and to register.
    HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: If you require hotel accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Calgary, we suggest that you make a reservation soon as rooms at the conference rate are limited. Reservations can be made online by visiting our accommodations page HERE.
    Thank you to all our sponsors to date. To view the list of sponsors visit our website at For more information email us at or call (403)686-8407

    March 12/15 - We would like to inform the membership that Meghan Black, Junior and Association Programs Coordinator for the Canadian Hereford Association has resigned her position as of March 9, 2015. Please join us in wishing her success with her future endeavour.

    Feb. 23/15 - The Ranching Opportunities Seminar will be held on February 26th, at Olds College. Entitled "Building to the future", this years Ranching Opportunities Seminar will give cattleman the opportunity to discover new ways to manage livestock, explore options for marketing their product and learn about the challenges and achievements of successful ranchers.
    This years seminar and demonstrations will included watering systems, measuring and breeding for feed efficiency, a look into the science behind and commercial use of Genomic technologies as well as a look into winter grazing systems.
    For more information and to register Click Here

    Feb. 13/15 - Managing Information for Profit in your Cow Herd Seminar
    The workshops will train cow/calf producers and students to manage and analyze herd information to make informed business decisions in order to increase profitability in their cow herds. It will also provide training on current and future genetic tools that can improve profitability further.

    -February 10, 2015 High Prairie - Days Inn and Suites 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    -February 11, 2015 Vermilion - Lakeland College 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    -February 12, 2015 Olds - Olds College 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    -February 13, 2015 Lethbridge - Lethbridge College 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    Registration Fee: $25/person, $12.50/student,
    includes lunch for those who pre-register.
    Space is limited so please register by February 6th.
    To register call the Ag-Info Centre at 1-800-387-6030. Click Here for more details

    Feb. 3/15 - It is with regret that the Canadian Hereford Association announces the passing of Wendy Belcher, General Manager of the Canadian Gelbvieh Association on January 10, 2015 at the age of 55. In the words on Michael Latimer, Executive Director of CBBC, "Wendy's positive outlook and friendship will be greatly missed from the CBBC board table. She was a terrific ambassador for the Gelbvieh breed and the Canadian purebred cattle industry. Wendy served as the General Manager for the Canadian Gelbvieh Association for nearly 30 years and has been a board member of the CBBC since its inception in 1994."

    Wendy will be truly missed for her leadership in the industry and for her bubbly personality, which always kept us smiling here at the office. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

    The celebration of life will be held at Fosters Garden Chapel, 3220 – 4 Street NW in Calgary on January 16 at 2:00pm as well as in Brandon Manitoba at the Trinity United on January 20th. More information and expressions of sympathy may be forwarded to the family via the following link:

    Spring 2015 EPDs are now available! Click Here for tools, averages and trends

    Jan. 13/15 - It is with regret that the Canadian Hereford Association (CHA) announces the sudden passing of Mr. Kurt Gilmore, former Owner and Editor of The Canadian Hereford Digest on December 18, 2014, following a battle with cancer, at the age of 65.
    The Canadian Hereford Association membership and staff wish to express their most sincere condolences to Kurt's wife, Maxine and his family at this very difficult time.
    Funeral Services will be held at Bow Valley Baptist Church (54 West Aarsby Road, Cochrane, AB) on Monday, December 22, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. Condolences may be forwarded through
    It was Kurt's special request that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Keith Gilmore Foundation Scholarship Fund, 5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 6V1,
    In living memory of Kurt Gilmore, a tree will be planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park. - See more at:

    Jan. 9/15 - Herefords Win Supreme Overall Breeds
    More Winners from Across Canada
    Congratulations to:

    Manitoba Livestock Expo

    ANL A XLP Action ET 75Z
    Exhibitor: Lone Pine Cattle Services, Vibank, SK
    Owned with: ANL Polled Herefords, Steelman, SK

    36th Annual Stockade Roundup
    MJT Cattle Company Ltd, Edgerton, AB

    Interior Provincial Exhibition

    CB 122L Lady B 222Z

    Exhibitor: Caylynne Brown, Princeton, BC
    Owned with: Shar-Lo Farms, Public Landing, NB

    Hereford Wins Supreme at the 2014 Royal Winter Fair
    Congratulations to Lyons Polled Herefords, ST. Thomas, ON, Dalmuir Farms, Lindsay, ON and NJW Polled Herefords, Sheridan, WY for winning Supreme Champion Bull, sponsored by Masterfeeds, on Saturday, November 8th, at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario with:

    NJW 73S W18 Downhome 21ZET

    Downhome was the Grand Champion Hereford Bull at this year's Eastern National Hereford Show.
    On behalf of the entire Canadian Hereford membership, we would like to congratulate Lyons Polled Herefords, Dalmuir Farms and NJW Polled Herefords on this great achievement in the purebred cattle industry.
    For full show results on the Eastern National Hereford Show at The Royal Winter Fair, please refer to the January issue of The Canadian Hereford Digest.

    Download a printable copy here

    Dec. 16/14 - Room Reservations for the Denver Stock Show 2015
    Please contact Janice at the Hereford Office to reserve a room for the 2015 Denver Stock Show by DECEMBER 15. Rooms are booked at the Renaisance Hotel from January 14-18.

    Dec. 4/14

    Western Canadian Cow-Calf Productivity Survey
    This survey was first conducted in Alberta in the late 1980s, with a second survey in 1998/99. It is now being expanded to western Canada through a combined effort involving representatives from the provincial producer associations, Provincial Agriculture specialists, the Beef Cattle Research Council, Canfax and the Western Beef Development Centre.
    The survey asks questions about your operation and your management and marketing practices as they relate to your 2014 calf crop, starting with breeding in 2013 and ending with weaning of your 2014-born calves.
    The results of this survey will be used in a number of ways:
    • Offer historical comparison with previous study findings to determine how the industry has changed given that the last time this survey was conducted was 16 years ago;
    • Guide extension and research efforts;
    • Validate anecdotal evidence on production matters;
    • Identify which management practices are linked to strong production performance;
    • Generate an updated set of production benchmarks for the cow-calf industry.

    The survey is 58 questions in length and is estimated to take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. The deadline for participation is February 28, 2015.

    Participants have the option to provide contact information to receive a complimentary report of their production benchmarks in comparison with regional, provincial and/or herdsize benchmarks, or to remain anonymous. Aggregated anonymous survey results will be shared beginning in the spring of 2015.

    The survey can be completed online here:
    A pdf may be downloaded from that link as well.

    Hard copies are also available from the ABP office or the provincial contacts listed on the survey.
    For More information visit:
    or read the WCCCS: Determining Productivity and its Link to Profitability article.

    Advancing Women Conference 2015 Dates announced
    This is an excellent opportunity for you to join other industry stakeholders to take a leadership position and be recognized as a champion for women in agriculture.
    Advancing Women Conference WEST:
    April 6 & 7, 2015, Hyatt Regency, Calgary, Alberta
    Advancing Women Conference EAST:
    October 5 & 6, 2015, Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Ontario
    In April 2014, some 400 women from 6 provinces and 5 US states,representing over 150 organizations attended the first AWC in Calgary.
    Click here for the full news release.
    Click here for the conference Agenda.

    Nov. 10/14 - Friday October 31st is the deadline for submitting weights to be included in the Spring 2015 PACE EPD run. Please have your weaning weights and any other missed performance data into the office by this date. All weaning must be identified in groups when reporting weights. (Animals managed the same, use the same group #) . Genetic evaluations rely on accurate well defined management groups. Please also pay special attention to your Compliance Reports to be included in the All-Star program!

    Nov. 3/14 - Preliminary RFI EPDs are now available online. Click here to view.

    The 2014 CHA AGM Keynote Speaker Kevin Schultz video is now available online.
    The video can by found under the home button under media.

    Attention International Hereford Enthusiasts:
    The 2014 Canadian Western Agribition is fast approaching; not only is this gathering the largest stock show in Canada, the Canadian National Hereford Show returns to Agribition once again this year. If you know of any, or you are an international guest who would like to come experience Agribition, you are being invited to take the opportunity to be a part of the Incoming Buyers Program. This program will cover 50% of your flight and hotel costs to a maximum of $1500 CDN.
    Those whom are interested are to fill out:
    – a Canadian Western Agribition International Guest Registration form
    – and an Application for the Incoming Buyers Program.

    We encourage all International Hereford Enthusiasts to contact the Association as well if they decide to attend Agribition this fall.

    Oct. 29/14 - Livestock Lessons Webinar Series
    (hosted by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture)
    October 15 - Nutritional Requirements for Beef Cattle
    October 21 - Formulating a Ration for Beef Cattle
    October 23 - Mycotoxin Contamination in Feed
    For complete details on these webinar or to register online, visit the SK Ministry of Ag's Event Calendar page,
    Please note that you must pre-register for these webinars. If you are unable to watch at the scheduled time, you will receive a link to the archived presentation which you may watch at your convenience following the webinar.

    Oct 14/14 - Bonanza 2014 Results are now online - PDFs are available on the Bonanza page. Videos of all the Champion Male classes and Champion Female classes can be found on the Cattle in Motion website.

    Subscribe to Digest Forward The official E-Newsletter of the Canadian Hereford Association. Digest Forward is sent out at the beginning of each month and contains updates from the CHA office, interesting or useful articles and dates for Provincial activities. Names and email addresses will only be used for the Digest Forward Newsletter. Click here to get on the mailing list!

    Sept 22/14 -

    Canadian Hereford Association President Mr. Burt Grundy passes.

    It is with regret that the Canadian Hereford Association (CHA) announces the sudden passing of Mr. Burt Grundy, President of the Canadian Hereford Association and Ontario director on Sunday, July 27, 2014.
    The Canadian Hereford Association membership and staff wish to express their most sincere condolences to Burt's wife, Nancy and their family at this very difficult time.
    Burt's family will continue to participate in Bonanza, the Canadian Junior National Show and the CHA's Annual Meeting held July 29th- August 2nd, 2014, in Lindsay, Ontario.

    Friends are invited to visit at the Kars Chapel of Tubman Funeral Homes, 1610 Rogers Stevens Dr., Kars (East of Hwy 416) on Wednesday, August 6th from 1 to 4 and 6 to 9 p.m. and Thursday August 7th, from 12 p.m. until time of funeral service in the chapel at 2 p.m. Interment Malakoff Cemetery.

    In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Burt may be made to OVACC c/o Tina Rudkoski, 7149 McCordick Rd., North Gower, ON K0A 2T0, or Ontario Junior Hereford Association, (a bursary in his memory), c/o Justin McLaughlin, 3103 Mackey Rd., North Gower ON K0A 2T0. Condolences, donations or tributes may be made at

    Fall 2014 EPDs are now available Click Here to see the averages.

    Parentage and Abnormality Testing: GenServe UPDATE
    The CHA has been working diligently with our designated lab GenServe, owned by Quantum Genetix, to rectify the delays that are causing hold ups on registrations, transfers and other routine member requests. The delays have been caused by changes in technologies that occurred when GenServe was purchased by Quantum Genetix and moved out of the SRC laboratories. This delay has caused nothing but frustration for members and the office staff. We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience that this delay has caused. Please know that the CHA is working diligently to resolve this as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience as we work to find a resolution to this problem.

    Aug 15/14 - Canadian Hereford Association Vice-President Daryl Kirton assumes role of the President
    The Canadian Hereford Association (CHA) Vice President, Daryl Kirton, who represents British Columbia, will assume the role as President of the Canadian Hereford Association due to the sudden passing of President Burt Grundy. Normal CHA executive election procedures will take place at the CHA Annual General Meeting held this week, July 29th – August 1, 2014, in Lindsay, Ontario.

    July 31/14 - Sneak Peek of the Bonanza 2014 Silent Auction Click to view some of the items that will be available at Bonanza 2014 in Lindsay Ontario. Bidding begins at Bonanza on July 31! If you are unable to attend Bonanza and would like to leave a bid please contact Meghan at or at 1-888-836-7242

    Pride of the Prairies Bull Sale – March 8 & 9th, 2015, Sale Update – Due to the success of the Pen of 3 Bulls Show and Sale, and the significant number of requests, the sale will now include a Pen of 1 and 2 Bulls to further enhance the Pride of the Prairies Bull Show and Sale. Watch for Pre Registration Packages in June.

    Transportation Update for the 2014 Bonanza and AGM   Please contact to book a shuttle to and from the airport. The contact in the mail package is incorrect.

    July 14/14 - FYI – Attention Hereford Breeders
    During the transition to new ownership in February of 2014, GenServe (the CHA sanctioned lab for parentage verification) experienced large delays due to the transition of equipment and staff. Although, we have been informed that the issues are fixed and they are in the process of clearing the backlog; this will take some time. You will still be able to enter animals for Bonanza. Complete your entry information with the Bonanza organizing committee and identify those animals waiting for DNA results as applied for. Please make sure your animal (s) are in the queue for DNA parent verification. We are expecting that the backlog will be dealt with prior to Bonanza taking place, so all competing animals will have all eligibility requirements complete.

    Delays at the official laboratory - Thursday, April 10, 2014
    You may have encountered some delays with DNA test results from GenServe, the official lab of the Canadian Hereford Association. Here is a message from GenServe's President, Leigh Marquess, regarding the delay in providing test results:
    "Dear valued customer, during GenServe's transition to its new environment, several pieces of new automation friendly lab equipment were purchased in order to increase throughput, and while our full intention was to have a smooth transition, with no capacity interruptions, GenServe has had several equipment failures during this integration period resulting in longer than anticipated turnaround times. GenServe is working hard to remove these issues, and has engaged more capacity at GenServe's old facility such that the turnaround time and any associated back log is being removed as quick as possible. GenServe appreciates the patience you have shown, and will continue to increase capacity over the coming days."

    June 12/14 - Monday, June 2nd is the deadline for submitting weights to be included in the Fall 2014 PACE EPD run. Please have your yearling, birth and any other missed performance data into the office by this date. All yearlings must be identified in groups when reporting weights. (Animals under the same management system use the same group #) . Genetic evaluations rely on accurate well defined management groups. Please also pay special attention to your Compliance Reports to be included in the All-Star program!

    Big on Beef Volunteer Opportunity June 7th in Calgary Alberta
    PRODUCERS and INDUSTRY PARTNERS needed on June 7th at all three Save on Food locations in Calgary, AB. Six producer families will be on site to educate consumers about the beef industry, production practices, animal care, food safety, and what daily life is like for a cattle producer. If you are interested in participating please contact Jennifer Brunette at (403) 250-2509 ext 203.

    June 2/14 - 4-H on Parade This Weekend at Calgary Stampede - Canada's Largest 4-H event will be at Calgary Stampede this weekend from Friday May 30 to Sunday June 1 at Stampede Park. More than 600 4-H members will participate in this year's event representing more than 40 clubs from Calgary and surrounding area. 4-H members will display their best livestock, life skills projects and compete in judging skills. The 2014 Schedule of Events can be found here.

    Summer Synergy 2014 Entry Deadline is June 1 2014.
    Synergy E-News (Deadlines and Scholarship information)
    2014 Class List
    2014 Draft Schedule
    How To Enter Online
    or visit for more information.

    May 27/14 - Scholarship Opportunity In conjunction with the Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth (RASC), Northlands is pleased to be able to offer a scholarship for $1,000 CDN for Next Gen delegates to travel to the RASC Conference in Brisbane, Australia October 21-24, 2014. A second scholarship for $1,000 CDN will be given to a Next Gen delegate from a developing Commonwealth country. Click here for criteria and application form.

    Transportation Update for the 2014 Bonanza and AGM   Please contact to book a shuttle to and from the airport. The contact in the mail package is incorrect.

    May 20/14 - Growing Forward 2 (GF2)
    is a five-year (2013-2018) policy framework for Canada's agricultural and agri-food sector. GF2 is a $3 billion dollar investment by federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments and the foundation for government agricultural programs and services.
    GF2 programs will focus on innovation, competitiveness and market development to ensure Canadian producers and processors have the tools and resources they need to continue to innovate and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.
    Click Here for more information and links to the Provincial programs

    Applications now available for the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP)
    Forms and more information can be found at

    May 14/14 - Commercial Cow Calf Pair Sale Friday May 9 @ 1:00pm Nilsson Bros Vermillion.
    150 RWF Hereford pairs with Feb-March Horned Hereford Sired calves at side for JIM HINES of Dewberry, AB.
    For more information phone Jim Hines (780) 847-2382 or Jim Pulyk at (780) 853-0626 or Auctioneer Bob Barlog (403) 382-5727 or Click Here (scroll down for sale information)

    May 7-8/14 - The CHA is planning to host a "question and answer" page on GE-EPDs.
    Your questions and answers will be posted soon.

    Webinar May 1 7:00PM MST: Improving Feed Efficiency in Seedstock Through Genomics Register for this free webinar to hear from industry experts on why genomics, the study of DNA sequences, is receiving so much attention in the beef industry, how far our knowledge in this area has progressed, and how cow-calf producers today can use selection tools like residual feed intake (RFI) to gradually increase feed efficiency in their herds. You'll also hear discussion on where livestock genomics research is expected to go from here. A recording of the webinar will be available to all registrants after the live event. Click Here to register.

    April 30/14 - Videos and a summary of the Olds College Residual Feed Intake Producer Day are now available online! Look for them on the Media page under the Home menu

    Promote your operation on the Animal and Member Inquiries.
    New opportunity to promote individual animals and your website on the Animal and Member Inquiry.
    Option 1: Add a picture to your animal.
    Option 2: Your logo will appear on any animal you own - and links to your website! Or do both! See Examples and pricing HERE.

    April 16/14 - The Spring 2014 Sire Summary is now online Click Here to View.

    New Hereford Merchandise!! Pictures and pricing now posted on the online store! Click here to view.

    The CHA is proud to present Purebred Cattle Management Lance Leachman has written and narrated 11 videos on raising purebred cattle with topics including nutrition, EPDs, tattooing and much more. These videos will be made available in Russian in the new year to be used at the Almaty Farm School in Kazakhstan. Click here to view the videos or look under the home menu for "Purebred Cattle Management"

    Mar. 12/14 - Interesting results from BEEF Magazine survey "In an email survey in December 2013, cow-calf producers who read BEEF magazine shared their thoughts on what's important to them when buying herd bulls." Click Here to Read More.

    Use DLMS to bid Online. Click here to view the bookends and their history.

    Something New for the 2014 Lloydminster Pride of the Prairies Bull Show and Sale Click Here for details.

    Jan. 28/14 - CJHA Semen Donation Deadline Extended! Submissions need to be postmarked by January 10.

    Jan. 28/14 - You and your commercial customers are invited to a Residual Feed Intake (RFI) Producer Day/Open House on Thursday January 23, 2014 at Olds College, Olds, Alberta. The event will be held at the Alumni Centre (Large building West of Parking Lot D). Please take this opportunity to come and learn more about the Canadian Hereford Research program and the development of a Feed Efficiency EPD. The day starts at 10:00 and wraps up around 4:30. Click Here for a detailed schedule and the guest speakers. No RSVP or Registration required.

    Jan. 21/14 - CHA Office phone lines are still down and we are waiting on a technician to fix them. Please email us at or at one of the emails found under contacts. January 21, 2014.

    Nov. 20/13 - November 1st is the deadline for submitting weights to be included in the Spring 2014 PACE run.Please have your birth and weaning weights into the office by this date. All calves should be identified in groups when reporting weights this fall. Animals under the same management system should be in the same group. Genetic evaluations rely on accurate well defined management groups.

    Nov. 20/13 - Fall 2013 EPDs are now available! Click here to see the averages.

    Oct 8/13 - The Alberta Hereford Association is currently undergoing change of its Secretary/Manager position and contact information.
    After ten and a half years Michele Rutledge has decided to retire from the position. Alberta Hereford breeders have been very fortunate to have Michele guide the Association through this last decade with great care, dedication, and diligence. The Presidents and board members over the years have truly appreciated having Michele as our employee.
    The current AHA board is pleased to announce the hiring of Susanne Fankhanel of New Norway. Susanne has over 20 years of experience in Office Management and Accounting. She has roots in the Hereford industry and the Fankhanel family uses Hereford bulls in their commercial herd.
    The new AHA contact info is:
    RR #2 New Norway, AB T0B 3L0 (note the change to .ca)
    Starting August 9th - Ph. 780-855-3912 Fax 780-855-3913

    July 29/13 - When the breeding interval does not comply with the rules set out by the Canadian Hereford Association, of 17 days between an AI and natural service &/or 21 days between natural services, DNA will be required to verify the sire.
    a. Ensure you have pulled hair and got a DNA profile on all sires.
    b. Complete and accurate breeding and calving records are mandatory for all registered cattle.

    May 30/13 - The Canadian Hereford Association is pleased to announce that Meghan Black from Bloomfield, New Brunswick, has joined the CHA staff as a summer student as of May 1, 2013. Meghan will reside in Calgary and be employed with the CHA for the next four months then return to Nova Scotia to finish her degree in Animal and Plant Science at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture. During her time over the next four months, Meghan will be the National Advisor to the CJHA, administer the MOE show program and aid in discussions relating to Hereford Breed Improvement. She has been active as a Junior participating at Bonanzas, joined the CJHA National Board in 2007 and served as their president in 2012. Please join with the staff and welcome Meghan to the CHA.

    May 30/13 -CHA is pleased to recognize the following major donors to the Keith Gilmore Foundation Funds:
    Scholarships - $10,000 - Gordon & Rosemary Church, Church Ranch, Balzac, Alberta

    Bonanza Legacy Fund - $50,000 - Ron & Sharon Stevenson, Copper Creek Ranch, Princeton, British Columbia

    Hereford Research Fund - $5,000 - Jay & Lucy Cross, Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch, Okotoks, Alberta

    May 1/13 - Remember it is mandatory to keep accurate/complete breeding and calving records indefinitely for registered cattle.
    a. Be sure your Breeding records include, the complete tattoo of the bull, date the bull was first exposed to the cows & date he was taken away, as well as complete tattoos of all cows.
    b. Calving records must include all details related to the birth including, calf I.D., birthdate(including the year), sex, dam & sire
    c. The Canadian Hereford Association provides pocket herd books for your convenience at no charge. If you would like a pocket herd book contact the office

    April 1/13 - Service Sire DNA Requirements Reminder
    a. Remember to pull hair on all potential natural service sires.

    b. Contact he CHA with the tattoo &/or registration number for a DNA application.

    c. AI sires require full parentage verification. If there may be a possibility that a bull could be used by AI in the future we strongly recommend pulling hair on the dam.

    November, 2010 - Hereford Wins Supreme

    June 2010 -

    Agribition Information:
    News Release
    Agribition Poster

    Exhibitor Information

    March 2007 - Elk Point Review

    March 2007 - St. Paul Journal

    January 2007 - World-Spectator Online

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