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To honour persons, family operations, or businesses that have made a substantial contribution to the Hereford industry for the betterment of the breed. The Honour Roll recognizes leaders that are still living and the Memorial Scroll honours those who have passed on.

The Canadian Hereford Association Board of Directors shall annually consider and select inductees to the Canadian Hereford Association Honour Roll/Memorial Scroll as nominated from the general membership.

Past Recipients
Honour RollMemorial Scroll

Any person or persons, family operations, or businesses that have contributed to the advancement of the breed.


  1. All nominations must be submitted through the provincial associations.  Nominations must be received by the CHA office prior to 01 January each year to be included for selection in the current year.
  2. All nominations must be submitted on the CHA Honour Roll/Memorial Scroll nomination form.
  3. Provincial Associations may submit a total of only two nominations for either or both the Honour Roll and Memorial Scroll each year (e.g. 2 Honour Roll, 2 Memorial Scroll, or 1 of each; NOT 2 Honour Roll and 2 Memorial Scroll).
  4. Nominations should be submitted and signed by two persons who are members in good standing with the Canadian Hereford Association.
  5. Persons making a nomination should carefully consider how the nominee is to be presented, i.e. as an individual, husband and wife, farm/ranch name, business, etcetera. And they should pay close attention to the importance of each section as indicated by the scoring system.
  6. A complete biography of the nominee is required with particular emphasis on involvement in the Hereford industry.


  1. Canadian Hereford Association Staff will review submissions to ensure they have met guidelines.
  2. Copies of all submissions are provided to all current members of the Canadian Hereford Association Board for review and scoring.
  3. Board members score each application independently of each other using the attached board approved Scoring System and return scoring to the Canadian Hereford Association as soon as possible.
  4. Canadian Hereford Association Staff will compile the results and submissions receiving average scores greater than 75 will be eligible nominees.
  5.  A maximum of four nominees for the Honour Roll will be accepted for induction each year.  Memorial Scroll nominees are accepted with no minimum or maximum requirements.
  6. By at least June 1st, the Canadian Hereford Association will inform its directors in writing or by e-mail of the results of their application review, with the names of the successful nominees.
  7. Once the Board of Directors has been informed with the names of successful nominees, the inductees will be sent a congratulatory letter with a copy to the nominating province. Inductees are asked to either provide or approve a biography and a head and shoulders photograph. The CHA AGM will be suggested as a suitable location for the presentation, however, if this is not suitable the inductees will be asked to select a date and location that works best for them.
  8. Regardless of where the official presentation to the inductees is made, the official announcement of the induction is conducted at the CHA AGM.

Advertising and Promotion

  1. In recognition of their contribution, the inductees will be honored in the August issue of the Canadian Hereford Digest.
  2. Separate press releases are sent out from the Canadian Hereford Association office after the official announcement at the Annual Meeting.


  1. An "Honour Roll" Certificate Plaque, suitably inscribed to recognize the honour, is presented to each inducted member.
  2. Presentation is made by the president, general manager or a director of the Canadian Hereford Association. If possible, the presentation is made at the Canadian Hereford Association Annual Meeting or a provincial annual meeting.
  3. The inductees’ names are added to the "Honour Roll" or “Memorial Scroll” board in the offices of the Canadian Hereford Association.