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Sire Summary

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Spring 2017 Sire Summary Intro

Contains information on the genetic evaluation, breed averages, genetic trend and how to interpret the sire summary.

Spring 2017 Sire Summary Book
- Excel Format

This Excel Version of the 2017 Sire Summary allows you to download and search the Sire Summary at your convenience. The file will appear in your computers download folder by default.  Please note that Trait Leaders are located on separate worksheet tabs (at the bottom of the page) within the file.  

Spring 2017 Complete Sire Summary

Sire Summary Report - Listing Only

Calving Ease Trait Leaders Birth Weight Trait Leaders Weaning Weight Trait Leaders Yearling Weight Trait Leaders
Milk Trait Leaders Total Maternal Trait Leaders Maternal Calving Ease Trait Leaders Scrotal Trait Leaders
Stay Trait Leaders MPI Trait Leaders FMI Trait Leaders REA Trait Leaders
Marb Trait Leaders