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RFI Bull Test Information

RFI testing is offered at both Cattleland Feedyards, Strathmore AB, and Olds College, Olds AB. The CHA negotiates a group price each year with each location. All bulls are HD genotyped for the development of GE-EPDs, therefore participants will receive a GE-EPD for both RFI and Post Weaning Gain (PWG). Also available with every test is scrotal circumference measurements, ultrasound carcass data, and feed conversion and average daily gain data.
At Cattleland, the bulls are on feed for a total of 104 days made up of a 28 day warm up and 76 day testing period.
With the installation of GrowSafe Beef watering systems, Olds College is able to offer shorter testing periods. These watering systems take partial weights on the bulls every time they drink or stand at the waterer. Due to more weigh points, 50 day testing periods including warm up are possible.


The RFI research project started as a three – year collaboration between the Canadian Hereford Association (CHA), Olds College, Cattleland Feed Yards, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Alberta and Livestock Gentec which was funded through the “Idea to Innovation Program”, Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC), and cooperating Hereford breeders. Dr. John Basarab, senior research scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and adjunct professor at the University of Alberta, a world renowned researcher in the field of feed efficiency was invaluable for his assistance with this project. Running for three years from 2012 to 2015 the CHA assisted researchers in measuring over 1000 Hereford bulls for residual feed efficiency (RFI) resulting in functional RFI EPD’s for nearly 1500 head.

Due to the support and ongoing interest for this project, the CHA continues to test yearling Hereford bulls, collecting measurements and data for RFI and PWG (post weaning gain) EPD’s.

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Making Progress with Feed Efficiency - the case for RFI
Written by Dr. Susan Markus - ARD and Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta.

For more information visit:
www.agriculture.alberta.ca (Search for RFI, Residual Feed Intake or Net Feed Efficiency for cattle producers.

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