Semen Donation Program

The Canadian Junior Hereford Association has, for many years, assisted it's members in developing their breeding program though the SEMEN DONATION PROJECT.

This program depends on the support of Canadian Hereford breeders to donate semen from top Hereford bulls from across Canada. The CJHA conducts a draw to award donated semen to junior's who nominate their females. By doing this CJHA members are given the opportunity to improve their own breeding programs by having access to free semen to artificially inseminate their own registered Hereford females from some of the top bulls in the industry as donated by Canadian Hereford breeders.

The semen donation program is one of the most far-reaching programs offered by the CJHA. By providing Juniors with greater access to superior genetics, they are able to improve the cattle they have available for sale. Sales that often finance herd expansion and allow the Junior to establish a career in agriculture or finance post-secondary education. The semen donation program is also linked to Bonanza, as one of the conformation classes in the cattle show is made up exclusively of entries that have resulted from the semen donation program.

2016 Winners

2016 Donors

Adam Smith
Jesse Lloyd
Jake Matheson
Jesse Ulmer
Christopher Bell
Shae-Lynn Bell
Emma Cross
Andrew Cross
Daniel Schuepbach
Lyndsey Smith
Victoria Austin
Jody Siemens
Jane Stafford
Rylan Stafford
Karsten Grabler
Peter Bekkers
Kendall & Carter Reavie
Kylee Dixon
Christin Dixon
Chloe Barker
Morgan Heidecker
Nash Wasko
Kailey Wrista
Lexi Wirsta
Jesse Procyk
Miranda Heidecker
Makenna Heidecker
Allison Booth
Alexa Bricker
Connor McCauley
Bobbi-Jo Foster
Bennett Foster
Levi Rimke
Samantha Rimke
Teegan Hyndman
Orianna Hyndman
Luke Webb
Kate Webb
Miranda Green
Morgan Millham
Sydeny Perlinger
Tyson Ringdal
Hunter Millham
Lane Findlater

Alta-Genetics Balzac
ANL Polled Herefords
Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch
Barefoot Polled Herefords
Big Gully Farm
Bouchard Livestock
Breton West Herefords
Brost Land and Cattle Co.
Canadian Sires
Cayley Brown
Church Ranch
Copper Creek Ranch
Crittenden Bros. Polled Herefords
Double J Polled Herefords
Fenton Hereford Ranch Inc.
Glenrose Polled Herefords
Harvie Ranching
Hirsche Herefords & Angus Ltd.
K-Cow Ranch
Lilybrook Farms
Lohner Herefords
Lyons Polled Herefords
NCX Polled Herefords
Phantom Creek Polled Herefords
Remitall West Polled Herefords
Semex Canada
Square-D Polled Herefords
T Bar C Cattle Co.
Wyatt Farms

Heifer Lottery Program

Where a lucky few members are drawn from active members to receive certificates that can be redeemed at sanctioned Hereford sales or from sanctioned breeders for the purchase of a registered Hereford heifer. We would like to thank everyone that supported the 2014 Heifer Lottery. Your support is greatly appreciated, and your assistance in getting the juniors started with their own cattle is invaluable. We couldn't do it without you!


2017 - $2,1000 Grand Prize Winner

Luke Webb, Saskatchewan



2017 - $1,100 Regional Winners

Makenna Heidecker, Saskatchewan
Cole Jonathan Hronek, Alberta
Amy Brown, British Columbia


2017 CJHA Heifer Lottery Participants
Private Treaty/Sanctioned Sales

Beiber Herefords
Brooks Farm
Crittenden Bros Polled Herefords
GWG Polled Herefords
ANL Polled Herefords & Guests Sale
Autumn Alliance XXXII
Blair Athol/Haroldson & Friends
Eugene Poholka
C&T Cattle Co. Take the Next Step Sale
HMS Hi-Cliffe
Lone Pine Cattle Services
Mission Ridge Herefords
Square D Polled Herefords
ANL Polled Herefords
Pierson Ranch
Raymond Chittick
Richardson Ranch
Source for Success Sale

K-Cow Ranch
Lilybrook Herefords
Justamere Farms Ltd.
NCX Polled Herefords
Oulton Farms
Nova Scotia Bonus Sale
RSK Farms/Arthur Polled Herefords
T Bar C Cattle Co.
Pahl Production Sale
Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch
YV Ranch
Atlantic Bonus Sale
Triple H Farm
Allens Herefords (Nova Scotia Club)
Medonte Highlands Polled Herefords
Brost Land and Cattle
River Valley Polled Herefords

CJHA Auction

Thanks to everyone who supported the
19th Annual CJHA (2016) Auction!

Dunsmore Family Farms
PK Herefords
ON Junior Hereford Assoc.
Lucy Cross
Creations by Jo
Paul & Jennifer Mastine
The Paul Family
Lilybrook Herefords
NBG Polled Herefords
NCX Polled Herefords
Jesse Procyk
O’Connor Family
Janet Feist-Sippola
Allison Mastine
Oulton Family
Phantom Creek Livestock
AM Ranching
MB Junior Hereford Assoc.
Blaschuk Family
Pamela Storr
Fox & Hounds Pub
BL Hunter Farm
Rednex Ranch

Boot Hill Gallery
Manns Herefords
Ringdal Farms
Top-50 Livestock
QC Junior Herefrod Assoc.
Allison Booth
C & T Cattle Co.
Bellamy Cattle Co.
Glen Lees Family
Heather LeBlanc
Larissa Lupul
Lewis Cattle Oilers
Hordos Family
Glenvale Polled Herefords
Glenrose Polled Herefords
Ste. Jack Studio
Millham Family
McKim Family
Rock’n “h” Herefords
Mereceds Mastine
Jade Ouellet

Junior Influence

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Junior Calendar

Thank you to all of our advertisers!

2018 Calendar

3-D-L Polled Herefords
Benwyn Herefords
Copper Creek Ranch
Copper-T Ranch
Courtney Herefords
Kootenay Polled Herefords
McLennan Herefords
Richardson Ranch
Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch
Bar RZ Polled Herefords
Barefoot Polled Herefords
Breton West Herefords
Canadian Hereford Association
Canadian Hereford Digest
Church Ranch
Corbiell Herefords
Crone Herefords
Dallas Farms
Fenton Hereford Ranch Inc
Flewelling Cattle Co.
Grant Rolston Photography
Harvie Ranching
JK Fraser Cattle
JoNomn Hereford Ranch
K-Cow Ranch
Lilybrook Herefords
Lost Lake Ranch
NCX Polled Herefords
Prairie Rose Stock Farms
Rutledge Herefords
Schrader Herefords
SNS Herefords
YV Ranch
ANL Polled Herefords
Bieber Herefords
Big Gully Farm
Blairs.Ag Cattle Co
Bonaventure Hereford Ranch
Brooks Farm
Crittenden Brothers Polled Herefords
DKC Herefords
Garrett Ranch Ltd
GWG Polled Herefords
Hereford GRLZ
Herefords Today/TBarC/Today's Publishing/
HMS Hi-Cliffe
Johner Stock Farms
Libke Polled Herefords
Lohner Herefords
Lone Pine Cattle Services
LV Farms Ltd
McCoy Cattle Co.
Mission Ridge Herefords
Old Birchill Farms
Six South Acres
Square D Herefords

ABH Farms
AM Ranching
Batho Farms
Chokecherry Lane Herefords
Doug Troop Polled Herefords
Flyer Cattle Company
Fossay Herefords
Gleich Herefords
Glennethy Farms
Guilford Farms
Guilford Hereford Ranch
Justamere Farms Ltd
KTCT Polled Herefords
Leveldale Polled Herefords
Manitoba Hereford Association
Manns Polled Herefords
MDG Polled Herefords
Rawcliffe Grange Stock Farm
Rock'n "h" Herefords
Roselawn Polled Herefords
RSK Farms
Xports International
Bar JM Herefords
Cedarwood Polled Herefords
Chula-Vista Polled Herefords
East Central Ontario - White Face Classic Sale
Hidden View Polled Herefords
Hip-Hop Herefords
Lian-Mor Polled Herefords
Lyons Polled Herefords
Medonte Highlands Polled Herefords
NBG Polled Herefords
Ontario Hereford Association
Strath-Brae Farm
Taboo Polled Herefords
Thurston Livestock
Trent Hill Polled Herefords
Vintage Land & Cattle Ltd.
Quebec Hereford Association
RWB Polled Herefords
Allen's Herefords
AXA Polled Herefords
Burnside Herefords
Carter's Auction Services
Crane Cattle Company
Hidden Meadow Farms
Oulton Farms
Shar-Lo Farms Polled Herefords
Thunderbrook Farms
The Cliffs
Vanden Boar Polled Herefords
Wilson Lees / Blair-Athol
Wunderbar Polled Herefords
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