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CJHA KGF "Future of the Breed" Scholarship
CJHA Exchange Program Application with the United Kingdom

- The CJHA and KGF has increased the number of scholarships offered to four $1000 awards. Applications must be postmarked no later than MAY 15, 2017

CJHA KGF  "Future of the Breed"
Scholarship Winners 2016

The recipients of the new Canadian Junior Hereford Association/KGF "Future of the Breed" Scholarships

Bennett Foster - Roblin, Manitoba - Bennett is the son of Brian and Marilyn Foster, of Roblin, Manitoba. He recently graduated from Goose Lake High School and is enrolled at Lakeland College where he studies Agri-Business. Bennett has been a CJHA member for nine years and has attended five Bonanzas. He is currently the CJHA National Delegate for Manitoba. Bennett is active in showing Hereford cattle, is a 4-H member and an enthusiastic snowboarder. His future plans include returning to the family farm and expanding the purebred Hereford operation. Congratulations Bennett!


Alexa Bricker - Disdsbury, Alberta - Alexa is the daughter of Ross Bricker and Rose Schroeder, of Didsbury, Alberta. She has recently graduated from Didsbury High School and is enrolled at the University of Alberta to study Biological Sciences, majoring in Biology with a particular interest in cattle genetics. She has been a CJHA member for eight years and had attended two Bonanzas, including the 2012 World Hereford Conference. She enjoys showing cattle and is an accomplished athlete and musician. She is a volunteer teacher with her figure skating club and also volunteers at the Didsbury Hospital. Congratulations Alexa!


Jillian Just - Yorkton, Saskatchewan - Jillian is the daughter of Jeffrey and Kristina Just, of Yorkton Saskatchewan. She graduated from Yorkton Regional High School and is enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan in a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program. She plans to continue her studies in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Jillian has been a CJHA member for five years and has attended three Bonanzas and the 2012 World Hereford Conference. She is currently the Treasurer for the Saskatchewan Junior Hereford Association (SJHA). She has been involved in 4-H for 11 years and enjoys swimming, cross-country running, writing and piano. She helps out on the family farm and volunteers at her church. Jillian plans to continue building and expanding her Hereford herd. Congratulations Jillian!

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