The Canadian Junior Hereford Association

5160 Skyline Way NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 6V1
Phone: (403)275-2662 or Toll Free: 1-888-836-7242

The CJHA is governed by a 14-member council of delegates elected from their respective provincial junior association (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, and the Maritimes), 7 adult advisors and an advisor from the Canadian Hereford Association. The council members form the CJHA executive and committees to oversee the many educational and promotional projects, including Bonanza. National Council meets twice per year, in winter and at Bonanza. Involvement on the council demands commitment and develops leadership ability and cooperation between youth across the country.

President Reggie Raymond 
Vice-President Levi Rimke 
Communications Morgan Millham  
Secretary Emma Nicholas  
Delegate - BC TBD 
Delegate - BCBilly Paul  
Delegate - Alberta Brandon Fraser 
Delegate - Alberta Lyndsey Smith  
Delegate - Manitoba Orianna Hyndman  
Delegate - Ontario Spencer Dunsmore  
Delegate - Ontario Andrew Dunsmore  
Delegate - Quebec Jade Ouellet  
Delegate - Maritimes Allison Booth  
Adult AdvisorDebbie Paul  
Adult Advisor Vanessa Van Sickle  
Adult AdvisorKaren McKim  
Adult AdvisorCarmen Millham  
Adult AdvisorAlbert Rimke  
Adult AdvisorLois Batty  
Adult AdvisorLissia Leblanc  
Adult Advisor Allyson Raymond  
CJHA National Adult AdvisorLibby Laycraft  
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