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Online System Help

This system works in real-time. Any Updates are applied instantly and you can see the results on-screen immediately. If you cannot see the addition/change immediately then your transaction was unsuccessful. Usually there'll be an error message indicating the problem. Correct the problem and try again. If you can see your data on the screen (after update), then the data has also been recorded at the CHA office - no need to "wonder" if it went through!

The first step would be to update your inventory (under Herd Details). Remove any cows that are no longer in your herd with a "Disposal" code or if they are still in the herd but have no calf for the year, please report a "Breeding" code. Both of these options are found under the Cow Status button. Important: Disposing cows requires a DATE also. Successfully disposed cows will disappear off the list immediately!

If you need to add missing cows, please e-mail Val the registration #s & tattoos. This makes it easier to determine why they might be missing so the issue can be fixed. Once you are satisfied that your list of cows is complete, click the Bill Inventory button. (Log out, close your browser (access to the internet) and then log back in) This will generate the THE fees on each remaining cow and activate the Add New Calf button shortly...
This system is inventory-based, so new calving data is entered via the dam in the Inventory screen. Find the cow (either on the list or by using Quick Find) and "Add New Calf". The Sire Quick Pick List is auto- populated with sires already used. Sires are added automatically when reported as a sire of a new calf.

To add a twin, simply find the dam again on your inventory list and click "Add New Calf". To add an ET calf, click Add New Calf under the biological donor dam. If the recipient is also in your inventory, give her a breeding code "107 Cow Used as Recipient". If embryos were purchased or the donor dam is not in your herd, please submit by paper to the office, or e-mail . ET calves can be registered online if the DNA is on file at the office. (E-mail for DNA application)

After Recording the new calving details, you have the option to Register immediately or wait until later.
However, VERY IMPORTANT, unlike submission to the office, please realize that any failed attempts to register an animal online does NOT hold the fee as of the date you "tried". If the problem cannot be resolved, please submit a registration request to the office. Animals applied for at the office, but unsuccessful to date, will appear under Pending (see Herd Details).

Tip: When registering animals, please review the data on-screen to ensure accuracy BEFORE you hit the Register button. Once registered, some data become uneditable online, regardless of whether you have "Submitted" transactions or not. We recommend that you record all calves first (via the inventory), and then go to the Calf Crop screen to Register as there you can see all calves on a list along with their registration status.

The Calf Crop screens (under Performance Details) display your entire calf crop by year. If registered, the Ident column clearly displays the "C0" registration number. If not registered, the Edit button takes you to the Register option. You can sort columns by clicking on the header.

If semen certificates are required for registration, send the hard copies to the office ahead of time indicating that they are for online use. Once recorded at the office, you'll be able to see them online in the Update Animal Details screen as numbers which appear in the drop-down box beside the Semen Certificate field. Select one of these numbers to populate the field, then proceed with the Register button.

Weaning & yearling weights can also be entered under the Performance Details tab. Take advantage of the Quick Find, then Find and Edit buttons and Set Defaults which allows you to default the weigh date and management group to streamline the data entry process! The performance reports themselves are also available "live" online. See Reports/Request New Reports. The completed reports will stay on the Display Generated Reports page indefinitely, unless removed.
Cow weight data will still have to be submitted to the office for the time being as that part of the system has not been completed yet.

Transactions: Each time you add data or make a Update, a "transaction" or multiple transactions are recorded. To view those pending, click on red Transactions at the top of the screen. You can also see your account details under Transactions/Previous Transactions.

Submit button: The Submit button that appears at the top of the screen while you're making additions/updates does not impact your data other than clicking it tells the office that you are "done for now". It's only real consequence to you is when registering animals because it triggers the printing of the registration certificates at the office the next day. It does allow you to create transactions up to 7 days before submitting them to the office. This way, you (& we) don't get a small number of transactions (registrations) each day, but rather you can work on them over the period of a week and submit them when you are finished (or they will be submitted automatically). But the system is still LIVE. The animal is registered as of the date you "Register", not the date submitted to the office. So, this will save us time and postage and provide one neat, complete package to you.

We are still in the process of fine-tuning details, and have many areas yet to complete so please bear with us. We appreciate any comments, feedback on bugs, glitches and the like. If you see anything weird, odd or difficult, please let me know by e-mail if possible.

Let Val know if you have any questions at all! We look forward to your comments...

Val Wells Online Services
Canadian Hereford Association


If you cannot see the buttons along the bottom of the screen, try hitting the F11 key or using the zoom features of your browser.