In an industry that requires efficiency to be sustainable from generation to generation it’s important to manage your risk by managing the genetics of your cow herd. Hereford’s are well known for their leading do-ability, docility and ease of management. The Hereford breed is focused on efficiency; with breeding tools for Sustained Cow Herd Fertility and Residual Feed Intake Hereford breeders have invested time and money in producing animals that will work and add value in any commercial setting. You can be confident in the Hereford breed's ability to do more with less inputs. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to Donald Banford from Red Rock Land and Cattle.  

Herefords = Profitability You Can Trust

Donald Banford - Commercial Cow Calf Operator, Red Rock Land and Cattle Ltd., SK

"When raising cattle, it's important to understand the role the cow plays in turning forage into dollars. Having Herefords for the last 30 years has proven that they are a low input, high efficiency breed. You can turn out these cows that are thick hidden and have enough hair and they can graze well into January while maintaining their condition. Herefords are the reason our cow herd is profitable, you know there is money left over when you sell these calves. I have been raising Hereford cattle for over 30 years and guarantee Canadian Herefords are a breed you can trust."


Hereford - The Breed You Can Trust

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